Any individual or company or corporate who deals or trades or brokering or agent or merchant export or import or sourcing services (without holding material stock) to a party who is in need such of services can use DealMySale.

The total business process for Dealer's Business Management starting from inquiry from your known buyer to arranging goods or service from your known supplier, billing for your services and realization of your bills and pending bills follow-ups are managed online with necessary business documentation for buyer- dealer - supplier for references.

For this purpose, dealer can build his own private business network of buyers and suppliers of various items in different categories with approximate price into database, the database is exclusively assigned for yours business.

Communication through email, SMS, business inquiries and updates through Mobile APPs and dashboard are part of DealMySale services to your business which are depends on your chosen subscription plan.

For detailed DealMySale features and subscription plan, visit page.

No hidden charge than the plan charges. The plan charge is inclusive of Govt. Taxes like Service Tax or VAT or GST or any Tax from Govt.

No fees.

It is very easy to setting up your account with the help of user manuals and training videos provided by us. But if you want us to set up your account online with DealMySale, upload your buyer or supplier data to DealMySale and train your team, it is FREE but your account to be a valid paid user category. You can contact our online service team from 9.00AM to 9.00PM on all days.

No. DealMySale is an online cloud software platform wherein who is registering as a member to avail services as Dealer is only to pay to DealMySale.

Registered dealer can add or delete his buyers or suppliers and or invite his buyers or suppliers to get added to his business network.

DealMySale collect subscription charges in advance atleast by 1 month. Subscription charges can be prepaid quarterly, half yearly or yearly as seen in the plan to avail the prepayment benefits.

It is duty of the subscriber to maintain the validity of his membership account by adequately paying in advance to DealMySale before reaching subscription expiry date.

From the date where you confirmed your monthly subscription and paid as per your chosen plan, you are a valid member to use DealMySale services as per the plan chosen by you.

A complete transaction history can be viewed in My Account tab under Settings at any time.

No, the renewal or extension will be counted from the expiry date only. Advance payment can be paid on any day for 1 month or for multiple months before the expiry date. You will never lose even a single day for which you already paid.

Yes, as soon as the payment is received, electronically generated bill and receipt will be sent to your registered email id for the period paid.

We accept payments by debit cards, credit cards, net banking and e-wallets supported by our payment gateway service provider. We do not entertain any manual payments in the form of cash or cheque or demand draft.

There is no contract. If you are not happy with the value you are getting from DealMySale services, you can cancel the subscription anytime and can take a backup of all data by downloading from your account.

Month means 30 calendar days.

Payment is to be made for minimum 1 month or multiple of months.

From the 1st date of your subscription payment received by DealMySale, the month cycle started and is valid as per payment received by DealMySale.

For quarterly subscription plan, no additional days added to expiry date.

For half yearly subscription plan, 3 days will be added to expiry date

For yearly subscription plan, 7 days will be added to the expiry date.

When you cancel services, the running month (1 days used or 29 days used in the service cancellation month) services charges, that is 1 month service charges are per plan chosen by you will be reduced from the advance amount available with DealMySale. The balance money, if any available with DealMySale will be refunded within 10 days from the date of cancellation of services to your bank account.

The sign up price is valid for atleast 1 year.

To subscribe, click on Subscribe Now in the dashboard or navigate to ‘My Account’> ‘Manage Subscription’ under Settings in your account, make an online payment as per your plan to use DealMySale. If you need any help in subscribing, please contact our sales team on or +91 7604892991.